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Saorsa Candles Lalka Beauty Co. Signature scents hand poured soy candle

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Saorsa Hand Poured Soy Candles 

Hand made in Georgia 

I am so lucky to have the awesome people of Saorsa Candles collaborating with me on my bespoke candle collection for Lalka Beauty Co. Introducing 3 unique, meaningful scents:

  “Lalka” : Sandalwood- Shea Butter- Dahlia  warm , old world, cozy, inviting. Like a hug from your grandma. Feels like home. A beautiful gift for someone you miss. 

”Dawn” : Strawberry- Vanilla-Suntan Lotion I wanted to feel my 80s childhood in a candle. The warm, beachy vibe of lazy summer days. The ice cream truck vanilla cups and strawberry fizz candies. It’s a candle you light when you want to feel silly, fun and girly. 

“ Agnes” : Rose-Fresh Linen-Violet   Not kidding, this candle brought tears to my eyes when I smelled it. It is the exact scent of my Grandmother Agnes’ beautiful pink bedroom. Her Rose Milk body lotion, the always line dried , crisp bed linens and fresh violets from the yard. Her yard was carpeted in violets in early spring and we would pick handfuls of them to display in little vases around the house. She thought they were so beautiful. I still do.
This candle is the perfect mix of ladylike, demure, and a bit mischievous. Just like her. Me ,too. Probably you as well❤️

Your choice of travel tin 3.4 oz great for making your hotel room or makeup trailer feel more relaxed

 Or 7.5 oz glass posh style candle, beautiful in the boudoir, dressing table, and for gift giving