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Oracle Jayne Station Brush Cleaning Soap

Sale price$18.00

Keep your makeup brushes clean and fresh with Oracle Jayne Station Brush Cleaning Soap. Used by industry experts in popular shows and films, this non-toxic soap effectively removes more makeup than traditional cleaners without any harsh fumes. Made from organic plant oils, it is gentle on brushes and leaves them soft, sanitised, and free from residue. Improve the longevity of your brushes and elevate your makeup game with this fragrance-free formula.

Created by NYC based makeup artist, Andrew Sotomayor, this luxurious soap cleanses and conditions your makeup brushes and keeps them feeling brand new.

Oracle Jayne Station products:

“Every Oracle Jayne product is made from scratch with superior essential oils and tinctures from organic or wild sourced plants, extracted using CO2, cold process, steam distillation, and organic cane alcohol. No synthetic chemicals, no excessively processed, expeller pressed, harsh solvent extracted ingredients. No imitation scents or pre-made formulas. No “private label” products.  No “melt-and-pour” soaps. Whenever they can be found, Fair-Trade certified ingredients are used. No animal ingredients are used and no products are tested on animals. Packaging is simple and generally recyclable”