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ESUM T20 Square Retractable Lip Brush

Sale price$24.00

The ESUM T20 Square Retractable Lip Brush is the perfect tool for precise application of concealer, liquid and cream makeup. Its square-edged shape and taklon fiber bristles help create smooth and evenly blended lines for accentuating eye detailing and lip color. With a metal cover for on-the-go protection, this brush is a must-have for any makeup kit.

  • Vegan
  • Dimensions: Hair Length 7mm, Full Length 176mm, Diameter 8.8mm.
  • From natural hair to synthetic vegan fibers each hair type is chosen for the ideal lay-down of makeup to support all professional makeup mediums, including cream, gel, liquid, powder and wax.
  • Each brush is handmade and features eco-friendly cured birch handles with platinum bowed brass ferrules.