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ESUM Small Filbert Shading Eye Brush W21

Sale price$26.00

The ESUM Small Filbert Shading Eye Brush W21 is the perfect brush for professional detail and shading of powder and cream mediums. Its classic shape and Red Sable (Weasel) hair offer ultimate control and precise color placement. 

Use to apply desired eyeshadow in a patting motion. Perfect for small detailing application of eyeshadow. Can also use for cream applications for smaller areas such as under eyes or concealing. Sable hairs allow for the greatest amount of product pick up and lay down. Ideal for use with powder or cream mediums.

ESUM natural hair brushes are handcrafted in a studio in Asia that specializes in the art of brush crafting. The hairs are ethically sourced from by-product of the food and trade industry.

  • Hair Length 11mm
  • Full Length 182mm
  • Diameter 9mm