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EBA Performance Makeup Silabond Silicone Adhesive 2 oz

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EBA Performance Makeup Silabond offers superior hold and performance for makeup artists and models.

Its silicone-based pressure-sensitive adhesive is formulated with FDA approved ingredients and is nearly odorless. Its fast-evaporating solvents provide the hold required, yet enough time to position the appliance on the skin.

Silabond is a favorite of pro makeup artists in the film and TV industry.

“Silabond Adhesive is as close to 355 Adhesive from the good old days as you can get. It gives me time to place a piece, be it foam or silicone, without flashing off too quickly, and once it’s down, it stays down all day. It’s a glue I use on every show I Dept. Head on. I dig it!”
Howard Berger, Makeup Dept. Head, KNB EFX Group

Silabond silicone prosthetic adhesive removes effortlessly, fast and without irritation when EBA Vapore Makeup Remover is used.


  1. Pour only the needed amount of Silabond into a small cup. Add more as necessary. In order to avoid product evaporation and cross contamination from one person to another, do not use Silabond directly from the original container provided by EBA.
  2. It is highly recommended to use Silabond along with SB Thinner in order to thin down the adhesive to a desired working level and replenish any solvents that may evaporate during the application.
  3. Next, make sure surfaces are completely clean. Apply Silabond in thin layers onto both surfaces to be adhered.
  4. Lastly, press the surfaces together firmly. IMPORTANT: To achieve proper bond and performance it is essential to let the solvents evaporate completely from the surfaces before pressing the two surfaces together. This typically takes only a minute or less pending the amount of adhesive.

Hint: The adhesive becomes tackier as the solvents evaporate. The longer you give it the better bond will be achieved. Do not adhere surfaces if the adhesive is feeling wet.  Do not apply too much adhesive, brushing in thin layers is highly recommended.