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EBA Performance Makeup H2O Sealer waterproof makeup sealer 4 Oz

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EBA Performance Makeup H2O Sealer is a waterproof sealer designed to keep your look exactly as you intended, no matter the conditions.

This water-based product is free of silicones and solvents, and provides up to 48 hours of protection against sweat and water. Compatible with a variety of makeups ( alcohol, silicone, water, creams) , the sealer dries clear with a light to zero gloss finish that can be adjusted with setting powders, and can be applied with an airbrush or spray pump. 

Create a perfect application and look that won't budge!

How To?
When using an airbrush or spray pump it is recommended to use H2O Seal 15-20 inches from the surface in a sweeping motion. H2O Seal contains a high quantity of solids and, therefore, in many cases one to two passes of fine spray are sufficient. Use a light coat first and add more coats if necessary.  Always wipe and clear the nozzle before and between each spray in order to avoid larger particles or droplets accumulated on the tip of the airbrush or spray pump from getting transferred onto the makeup.

Always test H2O Seal over a small test area prior to main application.

4 Oz spray bottle