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EBA Performance Makeup ENCORE Alcohol Palette Tattoo Cover Skin tone

Sale price$95.00


NEW! The ENCORE SKIN TONE (SKT) alcohol activated palettes provide exceptional skin like results, coverage, wear-ability, and water resistance.  All Encore skin tone palettes come with EBA’s signature magnetic case allowing for endless customization and easy individual color restocking.

Encore SKIN TONE Alcohol Palettes come with EBA’s signature magnetic refillable case and ten (10) colors in 1.5 x 1.5 inch pans (38 x 38mm).

Activate with Fuel or 99% alcohol. 

Set with H2O Sealer or ProSEAL to set and waterproof

and remove easily with Vapore or Unveil

I cannot live without these palettes on set, they are ESSENTIAL for covering tattoos, bruises, varicose veins, etc. The skin tones are spot on and typically need little adjusting. They are incredibly useful in a bridal artist's kit for tattoo cover, blending out tan lines, etc because they dry down and don't transfer.