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Colorgram - All in One Over-Lip Maker

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All in One Over-Lip Maker:

All-in-one overlined lip maker.

Simply enlarge your lip size as much as you want in 5 seconds.
Simply draw and fill in volume to do overlined lip makeup.
Easily create plumped lips.
Expand the lip volume with the base shade.
Soft drawing yet long-lasting overlined lip.
Other won’t even notice your enlarged and plumped lip makeup.

Duo base and contouring brown shade are perfect for both warm and cool tones to do overlined lip makeup.

Shading liner can delicately draw anywhere you want, such as on the lip line and the corner of the mouth.

Color pencil glides smoothly on the lips and draws easily.

It adheres thinly to the lips without being sticky, and the color stays the same so do your overlined lips.
It sets in tightly without smearing even after a long time.


How to use

1. Use a shading liner to extend the corner of the mouth and make it look like your own by connecting the lines.

2. Meticulously paint over the lined area with the base color.

3. Put your desired lipstick color to create a gradation from the inside of the lips.

4. Add shadows to your overlined lip from its top and bottom.


01 Warm Peach: Peach coral brown shade recommended for warm toned skin.
02 Cool Pink: Rosy pink brown shade recommended for cool toned skin.
03 Nudy Peach: Half-tone downed peach orange and beige brown shade recommended for warm toned skin.
04 Soft Pink: Clear soft pink and delicate cool beige shade recommended for cool toned skin.