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Boathouse Mercantile Fragrance Eu De Toilette 50 ml 1.7 oz

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Boathouse Mercantile Fragrances

Experience pure luxury with the Boathouse Mercantile eau de toilette. Crafted from the finest ingredients, these 50 ml bottles of exclusive fragrances exude a sophisticated elegance, giving off subtle aromas of refined sophistication. Indulge in a unique scent, and elevate your everyday with Boathouse Mercantile.

"SAN JUAN SUNSET" eau de toilette is my “woody wonder”, crafted to represent the essential elements of the West Side of San Juan Island. It embodies the dusk-fueled scent of wind and cedar, sweetness and wood, with heavy doses of vanilla and spice with a secret osmanthus finish, to remind you of our beautiful Westside + all of the San Juan Island"s

WILD ALOOF REBEL" eau de toilette is a unique, quietly alluring, oud and amber-ish scent for men and women (for you cult followers, this was formerly E/L) . Rich in gentleness and mystery, WILD ALOOF REBEL mixes the smoke in black agarwood with pine, labdanum, and a sweet bit of vanilla. Its benzoin friends mingle with a few sparkly tops. Mystery and warmth inform all of the notes.

“I Awoke One Day As If Changed” opens with a Bergamot/Citrus lift, moves through a bunch of dense growing woods, into a musky, sweet dry-down (and a little bit of mossy earth). Anyone can wear this subtle, powdery scent – every month of any year. Maybe it will make us better people, spiritual and sophisticated.

" My Favorite Sweater" will transport you into a quintessentially warm, tea+books+fireplace-in-super-chill-weather setting, reminiscent of the cozy of “drawing inward”. The front offers a sweet blast of cardamom, citrus and spice, drying down to gentle vanilla, sandalwood and amber-y sweetness. It’s formulated with a tincture made in the studio from the magic bee bi-product propolis. Bees produce propolis from tree resin, forming a sticky-thick binder which they use to secure and fill the holes in their hives. This particular  propolis is produced in Spain, making “MFS” a most unbelievably delicious, intoxicating and intriguing scent. My propolis tincture is woody, sweet, honey-like, resinous and delightful. 

SAN JUAN SUMMER eau de toilette is as fresh and summery as we could possibly muster and cram into a bottle, plus citrus notes (to add to a BONANZA of summer memories. Together with pine and sunshine, SJS offers a fresh blast of YES! …a scent moment to remind you of the islands in summer. A day or night scent for men and women, San Juan Summer is rich in memories of sun, sea, and quiet allure that mingle in sparkly Salish Sea whitecaps. Warm “sun on skin” informs all of the notes.