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BEAUTICAL Sonic Eye Care Booster

Sale price$39.00

When used in combination with your favourite eye cream or eye serum, this device increases the absorption of active ingredients and therefore maximizes their efficacy.
Thanks to its different working modes, this beauty tool accelerates blood circulation in the skin, promotes collagen regeneration and helps to relax the muscles around the eyes.

This device is the perfect way to get the most out of your beauty products and discover reduced fine lines and wrinkles and rejuvenated, firmer and smoother skin. It also helps to erase the effects of a restless night or a long exposure to blue light, relieving eye fatigue and reducing dark circles & puffiness.

Compact and lightweight, easy to carry, USB rechargeable, this beauty tool will become a staple in your skin care routine, even when you travel. This smart eye care booster features 3 different functions: high-frequency vibrations, thermotherapy and red-light treatment.

Reduces wrinkles • Boosts skin care efficacy • Easy to use