Carpe is an incredibly effective product for sweat control, maximum effect without a prescription.

    Excellent for use on set, in high pressure situations such as public speaking, weddings, and for those people who naturally perspire excessively.

    Carpe is the #1 Dermatologist Recommended Antiperspirant Brand with Uses Indicated Beyond the Underarms In a November 2021 study of 200 dermatologists commissioned by Carpe and conducted by M3 Global Research, the most commonly #1 ranked brand in response to the question “What over the-counter antiperspirant brands with uses indicated beyond the underarms would you most often recommend to your patients?” was Carpe, with 82 dermatologists ranking it as #1, compared to second-place SweatBlock with 32 responses. All brands (85%+ of market share) commonly identifying as providing antiperspirants or sweatstopping OTC/cosmetic products for areas beyond the armpits were included as selectable answer choices, as was a choice of “other” which would allow dermatologists to include any brand not listed. For approximately the first half of the 200 responses, dermatologists were screened and included in the study only if they were previously familiar with Carpe; though Carpe continued to be the most-commonly #1-ranked brand among respondents when this screening criterion was removed. Therefore, per the results of this study, Carpe is the #1 Dermatologist Recommended antiperspirant brand for all over the body.

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