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House of Hur - Moist Ampule Blusher

Sale price$14.00
Moist Ampule Blush:

House of Hur's Moist Ampoule Blusher effortlessly enhances your skin's natural beauty with its unique shades and smooth application. With a diverse range of colors that complement all skin tones, it seamlessly blends into your skin for a healthy glow. Its smooth texture makes applying makeup a breeze, allowing you to express your personality through its distinct hues. This product helps highlight your natural charm while also allowing for vibrant skin expression at the same time.

Enriched with 50% moisture essence, it provides long-lasting, hydrating, and lightweight adherence to the skin without that sticky feeling.

*Apply a small amount 1-2 times and layer as needed. You can freely adjust the concentration, making various makeup expressions possible. The more you layer it, the more luminous the glow you will achieve.